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Personal Development Program

The program design, which schedules one seminar per week, allows the participants ample time to practice and implement what they have learned into their personal and professional lives during the week. They will be instructed to discuss the topical choices from an ownership standpoint with the overall goal being creative empowerment within each area.

Each program will provide worksheets that will help the participants gain insight into their individual habits, learn new life skills and gain tools on how to break through the bonds of their habitual tendencies. This offfers them new ways of creating value in their professional endeavors through proper balance and empowerment, an increased sense of purpose and value of their skills, and improved relationship with themselves and their co-workers.

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$2,500.00 4 x 1-hr sessions + 2 calls

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“There Are Two Primary Choices in Life: to Accept Conditions as They Exist, or Accept the Responsibility for Changing Them.” - Denis Waitley

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