The Soul Search Before The Job Search

The Soul Search Before The Job Search

Some of us are lucky enough to know exactly what we want to do from the second we learned about astronauts in the first grade, saw our first professional basketball game, wrote our first story, or gave someone our first piece of effective advice. Others are not as certain about what we want to do when we “grow up.” We go through school contemplating different ideas and eventually face the pressure to figure ourselves out as we inch closer and closer to entering “the real world.” Still others have already established themselves with careers and families and full lives. Some of those people are perfectly content and successful with what they have and where they stand while others, regardless of their level of success, long for more meaning and purpose in life. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the big questions of what each of is meant to do, because everyone's purpose in life is influenced by upbringing, religious affiliations, where we live and opportunities available to us. The answers themselves differ for each of us, but I know for sure that finding our place in life is essential to finding absolute happiness. Finding the answers to complex questions can be achieved, even if the process is challenging. And if we are willing to get out of our comfort zones and stretch ourselves to the limits of our being, we can bring forth our highest potential, find our mission and purpose, and move toward finding our ultimate happiness.

I firmly believe that we all have a divine mission and purpose in life that demands our commitment and focus. We might not know what our mission is, exactly, but the answers will come to us as we work toward realizing our dreams.

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