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Understanding the Chakra System

The human body is composed of various physical elements (i.e. heart, lungs, limbs, etc.) that enable it to function properly. If any of these elements or aspect of the human body are injured or broken, it effects the overall functionality … Continue reading

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Trusting Your Daimon or “Inner Voice”

Everyone has a primary struggle or obstacle in their quest to accomplish their goals. Of course, there are many struggles and obstacles in this process from discovering what your goals are to figuring out how to achieve them to gathering … Continue reading

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Idealist Themes

This theme has four personality types associated with it: Foreseer Developer, Harmonizer Clarifier, Envisioner Mentor, & Discoverer Advocate. Foreseer Developer: These individuals consider a worthy life as a process towards their own and others’ personal growth. If something does not … Continue reading

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Guardian Themes

This theme has four personality types associated with it: Planner Inspector, Protector Supporter, Implementer Supervisor and Facilitator Caretaker. Planner Inspector: These individuals enjoy being prepared and having a plan gives them a sense of security. They are characterized by traits … Continue reading

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Personality Types

We all have our own unique personalities, which have resulted from our experiences with ourselves, our parents, teachers, classmates, friends and so on. Not all the characteristics of our personality come from such learned experiences; some we were born with … Continue reading

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Phronesis (Practical Wisdom)

When discussing moral behavior, it is worth noting that some “virtues” can be faults if they are not balanced by wisdom. An individual may be honest, generous, or respectful, but if they do so “to-a-fault,” then potential hardships could result. … Continue reading

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Arete (Virtue)

Arete can be defined as excellence or virtue and is indeed a character trait that most of us try to embody. It is important to distinguish between a person who is habitually honest because someone told her/him to do so … Continue reading

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