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Getting Through the Work Day Struggles

People sometimes get stuck in a job due to a lack of education or because of a bad economy, but that doesn’t mean that their work day needs to be a painful experience. With a little innovation and imagination, it … Continue reading

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Finding Meaning In Your Job and at Work

We all have to work, but some of us are able to play at work by finding and then committing to our dream job where we’re motivated, inspired, respected and well paid. Unfortunately, many individuals settle for something that falls … Continue reading

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The Four Components of Mind

We talked a bit about the energetic system of the Chakras last week and discovered the importance of opening up internally so that the energy of this unseen system can flow free of obstruction. The difficulty of learning to find … Continue reading

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Obstacles Equal Success

It might seem odd to suggest that obstacles are the source of success versus failure. But it is true. Whenever obstacles present themselves during the process of manifesting our goals, they should be viewed with appreciation. They should also spark … Continue reading

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The 5 Elements of Fitness

As I see it, individuals view fitness in a very general and limiting way. Generally speaking, the goal of fitness is often to become thin, look good aesthetically, and to have strong muscles. Of course, not all people think this … Continue reading

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Motivation: Internal Versus External

It is difficult to be a human being. This difficulty stems in part from the myriad of needs that we are required to fulfill for ourselves in order to find happiness. Finding happiness is difficult in modern society due to … Continue reading

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