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Defensive Routines

Last month we made clear the distinction between dialogue and debate. Simply, debate has as its foundation the need to be right versus establishing what is true. We also discussed how a better understanding of our thinking habits can enhance … Continue reading

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Personality Types

We all have our own unique personalities, which have resulted from our experiences with ourselves, our parents, teachers, classmates, friends and so on. Not all the characteristics of our personality come from such learned experiences; some we were born with … Continue reading

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The Four Components of Mind

We talked a bit about the energetic system of the Chakras last week and discovered the importance of opening up internally so that the energy of this unseen system can flow free of obstruction. The difficulty of learning to find … Continue reading

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Understanding Meditation Correctly

Anyone that is interested in understanding their mind and what meditation is, I have found, usually begins such inquiry with a controlling and aggressive nature without realizing it. Many of those who meditate probably do so with an aggressiveness while … Continue reading

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MindFul vs. MindLess Thinking

Last month we discussed the most common thinking habit, which we defined as defensive routines or defensiveness. By understanding the various types of Defensive Routines that we discussed, individuals are able to get a better grasp on how they create … Continue reading

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