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Trusting Your Daimon or “Inner Voice”

Everyone has a primary struggle or obstacle in their quest to accomplish their goals. Of course, there are many struggles and obstacles in this process from discovering what your goals are to figuring out how to achieve them to gathering … Continue reading

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Obstacles Equal Success

It might seem odd to suggest that obstacles are the source of success versus failure. But it is true. Whenever obstacles present themselves during the process of manifesting our goals, they should be viewed with appreciation. They should also spark … Continue reading

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Understanding Our Physical Surroundings

A person can either have a harmonious or confrontational relationship with his or her environment. This is one of the hard facts of life. You can’t have something in-between harmonious and confrontational because such a state does not exist. You … Continue reading

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Create A Healthy Competitiveness!

A competitive nature is as necessary to human wellness as is food, sleep & exercise. It is the driving force that challenges us to generate the power necessary to meet our intrinsic needs. It cannot be denied that without some … Continue reading

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