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Phronesis (Practical Wisdom)

When discussing moral behavior, it is worth noting that some “virtues” can be faults if they are not balanced by wisdom. An individual may be honest, generous, or respectful, but if they do so “to-a-fault,” then potential hardships could result. … Continue reading

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Finding Virtue During The Job Search

Normative Ethics includes three different approaches: Virtue Ethics, Deontology & Consequentialsm. Virtue Ethics emphasizes moral character, Deontology emphasizes moral rules or duties, and Consequentialsm deals with the outcome of one’s actions. It is worth asking which approach creates the most … Continue reading

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The 5 Elements of Fitness

As I see it, individuals view fitness in a very general and limiting way. Generally speaking, the goal of fitness is often to become thin, look good aesthetically, and to have strong muscles. Of course, not all people think this … Continue reading

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