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Transference and Projection

Let’s continue our discussion on effective communication by addressing two very interesting concepts: Transference and Projection. These are two concepts that exist in the realm of psychology or psychotherapy, but I will address them as essential to creating effective communication. … Continue reading

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Rational Theme – 3

Rational Themes The four personality types associated with this theme are Conceptualizer Director, Designer Theorizer, Strategist Mobilizer and Explorer Inventor. Strategist Mobilizer: These individuals are leaders who maximize results by enhancing the talents of those that they lead and making … Continue reading

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Behavioral Interviewing

Employment interviews are changing for the better. The traditional interview questions that deal with simpler things like, “Tell me about yourself,” are no longer enough to satisfy the appetite of organizations seeking new employees. They realize more than ever before … Continue reading

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Effective Communication

No matter how much people get along, they will always have moments where they don’t see things ‘eye to eye.’ In these situations, effective communication is necessary to ensure that individuals can come to a peaceful resolution while simultaneously meeting … Continue reading

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