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Phronesis (Practical Wisdom)

When discussing moral behavior, it is worth noting that some “virtues” can be faults if they are not balanced by wisdom. An individual may be honest, generous, or respectful, but if they do so “to-a-fault,” then potential hardships could result. … Continue reading

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Behavioral Interviewing

Employment interviews are changing for the better. The traditional interview questions that deal with simpler things like, “Tell me about yourself,” are no longer enough to satisfy the appetite of organizations seeking new employees. They realize more than ever before … Continue reading

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Developing and Acheiving Goals

In order to have success in a given area, it is helpful to set tangible and so achievable goals. It is less valuable and less practical to think of goals in terms of the ultimate outcome one hopes to achieve. … Continue reading

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Quantum Mechanics, Causality & Everyday Life

If you study Quantum Mechanics, it discusses the notion of probability in relation to determining the position of waves or particles. Waves and particles are what all phenomena are made of at the macroscopic scale. You and I, when broken … Continue reading

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