Speak Your Perfect Job Into Existence

Posted on November 18th, 2022.

To know what your ideal job involves, you need to review what you have enjoyed in your previous jobs and what you would like to avoid. Make a list of all the types of work you have done before, and categorize them (by job title, boss, location, time, etc). Make two lists of what you liked and what you did not like about each job. Prioritize these items to identify what you wish to have or to avoid in your next job. Remember, specificity of choice is an absolute requirement to manifesting or creating the lifestyle you want. Challenge yourself to see your environment as malleable, and that malleability is directly linked to your thoughts or thought process. For example, if you think it will be difficult to get the exact job you desire then it will be difficult. Why not think about your perfect job coming to you with ease. If you do, you’ll be amazed. I remember when my wife and I had our first son Addison, I told her she needed to go back to Social Work. You see, she is an aspiring TV actor and was a bartender at the time. That job didn’t allow enough money to meet the cost of the needs of a baby. We needed to both have secure jobs. Well, she was worried that she would have to give up her dream of becoming a TV actor. I suggested that she put out the possibility of getting a Social Worker job that fully supported her acting career. One that had a flexible schedule so she could go on auditions and take a day or two off now and then to shoot the guest star roles that she would often book. Well, she listened to my suggestion and got exactly what she put out to the Universe; she “spoke the perfect job into existence.” Now, of course she still had to take action by applying to jobs, going on interviews and other actions necessary to getting a job. But it only took about four months for her to get this job that offered her a competitive salary, benefits, vacation days etc. You can do the same if you challenge yourself as I have suggested. Good luck and have fun!

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“There Are Two Primary Choices in Life: to Accept Conditions as They Exist, or Accept the Responsibility for Changing Them.” - Denis Waitley

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