Idealist Themes

This theme has four personality types associated with it: Foreseer Developer, Harmonizer Clarifier, Envisioner Mentor, & Discoverer Advocate.

Foreseer Developer: These individuals consider a worthy life as a process towards their own and others’ personal growth. If something does not create personal growth, then it is not worth engaging in. When something does generate personal growth, then all the efforts necessary to make that growth happen are worthwhile. They find it pleasurable to engage in problem solving in order to maintain the vision of what is possible and who we can become. Their lives are devoted to honoring the personal strengths of others, helping them discover what those strengths are and how to develop them. It is essential for them to explore all relevant issues and to navigate through all the emotions that are associate with those issues. Finding the most meaningful and creative approach to life gives them the inner-strength to allow others the space to be themselves and make their own choices. The difficulty comes when others don’t want to hear all the insights that they can give. Their senses of purpose is so profound, that they can be seen as overly task-oriented that can conflict with their more idealistic side. This often causes them a lot of stress, which can result in them withdrawing from others to seek some sort of relief and revitalization.

Harmonizer Clarifier: These individuals like to uncover the mysteries of life, personal values, and meaning in general. Learning about people and why they do things is pleasurable for this personality type, as is relating to others on a deep level and resolving issues with them. If they are to feel comfortable with their relationships, they need to understand what people’s intentions are. They find it fascinating to delve into what is right or wrong, the battle between good and evil, and what it means to have a sense of congruence with one’s own values. Facilitating listening and knowing the meaning behind what people say is their strong suite, as is their ability to help others enjoy who they are, accept and believe in themselves. At times, it is difficult for them to turn of the deep listening. They are constantly living in paradoxes and balancing opposites, while juggling the playful and serious sides of their personality. By relating to others through stories and metaphors they are able to connect differences, provide soft encouragement, and tap into the world without words that is the source of wisdom.

Envisioner Mentor: This personality type considers life’s meaning to be about succeeding at relationships to foster mutual growth. The creative process brings them joy, allowing them to bring a bright view and enthusiasm to the projects that they work on. Realizing their own dreams and helping other to the same is what sparks them to get up each day; a life without the process of manifesting one’s dreams is deemed worthless. Interpersonal relationships are fostered through logical explanations that can lead to development and a purposeful life. They are well aware of the occasional painful experience that comes with focusing so much attention on interpersonal relationships. In order to help people find their life vision, they use a thought process entailing integrative and global thinking. It is tremendously important to heed the call to one’s life mission and they are always available to help others’ discover their own. Their ease in connecting with others can become a hindrance to their own well-being as they can lose sight of their own identity by focusing to much on another person’s life. This can also make it difficult for them to live in the moment, as they spend much of their thinking energy on futuristic planning.

Discoverer Advocate: These individuals view life as a process of inspiring and assisting others, enabling them to reach their highest potential. They are able to look “into” a person’s core, see their unspoken goodness and help him/her discover their higher purpose. Exploring different perceptions and sharing deep emotional content is enjoyable for this personality type. It is essential that they develop ideal relationships where they are able to “connect” deeply. Their thought processes seem random, but in reality they are very connective and relational. Mediating differences and conflict comes easy to them and they have an uncanny knack for keeping communication channels open. They are able to make things happen without always knowing how they do it, which makes them seem “magical” as they respond courageously to their insights. It is easy for them to put their own needs and wants on hold when they are helping others. When they first meet someone, they either like that person or they don’t. Discovering a definitive direction for themselves is essential, and they can find themselves restless if the “magical” moment does not last.

About Shawn Athanasios

A little bit about me. I received my BA from California State University, Northridge in Speech Communication and my MA in Culture and Communication from New York University (NYU). My Master’s degree was within the field of Interpersonal Communication and Conflict Management and my thesis topic was Meta-Cognition and Human Defensiveness. I wrote about the importance of individuals learning how to understand their defensiveness and negative thinking habits as a way to improve the overall cohesiveness within their human relationships. Curerently, I am an Adjunct Professor at SAE Institute, and my pasrt teaching experience includes several of the top Universities in the U.S. (NYU, LIM College, Pace University, Manhattan College & Georgia State University). My teaching experience includes the following courses: Interviewing Strategies, Intro to Human Communication and Culture, Interpersonal Communication, Small Group Communication, Principals and Theories of Communication, Public Speaking and Theories of Speech Communication I decided to create my own Coaching Business (JAAS Coaching) under the umbrella of Personal and Career Development for those looking to enhance their current profession, change careers, discover their deepest passions, communicate and manage conflict more effectively, achieve high levels of motivation, and find balance with their total self by offering a holistic approach to career and personal development. My eBook, "The Soul Search Before the Job Search," encompasses all of my work as a Personal and Executive Coach. My website/blog is www.JAAScoaching.comLinks to an external site. I have had many fulfilling experiences that include being raised in Laos, Ghana, India & Egypt by parents of the U.S. Foreign Service and Diplomatic community, teaching ESL in South Korea, serving as a Primary Counselor for kids out of Juvenile Hall, and mentoring grade school children through a Psychologist’s referred program. In addition, I am proud to have received a full scholarship for my Masters Degree at NYU, to have been the sole recipient of the Rosenberg scholarship and for graduating Magna Cum Laude upon completion of my graduate degree. I also presented two papers at the New York Speech Communication Association (NYSCA) conference while at Graduate School where I discussed the importance of taking full ownership of one’s shortcomings as essential to inducing change within oneself and one’s environment and how to be an effective interpersonal communicator. And finally, I was voted Faculty of The Year and Georgia State University after just one semester on the job! The article can be found on my website/blog. My volunteer work is reflected through participating in Buddhist Activities as a member of the Soka Gakkai International, the largest Buddhist lay organization in the world. Previously, I was the Young Men’s Division Leader for Houston District, I transcribed the World Tribune to audiotapes for the blind Buddhist members, I published an article in the Soka Gakkai’s Living Buddhism magazine and was a volunteer staff writer for the organization’s newspaper (The World Tribune). I continues to lead group discussions on Nichiren Buddhist Theory.
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