Rational Themes

Rational Themes

The four personality types associated with this theme are Conceptualizer Director, Designer Theorizer, Strategist Mobilizer and Explorer Inventor.

Conceptualizer Director: These individuals consider life to be a process of maximizing achievements versus just attaining accomplishments. These achievements are maximized if they entail deep thought and profound integration of everything that they have learned. A consistent drive for self-mastery allows them to stay focused on their intentions and the more they are challenged the happier they are. Their thinking can be described as analytical, integrative and very complex. They are able to analyze a situation and build a vision that no one else could have even thought of, which allows for a natural long-range visioning to occur. In order to help others understand the vision, they will dress it up with logic because very few are able to just stay with the general concept. It is easy for them to grasp the interrelatedness of everything in their Universe and to see the reasons behind things. Maintaining their independence is important to them, because it allows them their need to be an independent thinker. The need for independence can be a problem in the interpersonal realm as people can misread it for arrogance versus the desire to come up with useful solutions that will help people in the long run. Staying on course of their vision is necessary for their very survival, and they find life dull and draining during the “lows” of that progression.

Designer Theorizer: These individuals consider life to be about becoming an expert, which causes them to never quite feel like they are enough. Reflecting on how things work, why they work and making them work if they don’t is something they enjoy. Seeing new patterns, generating new ideas, and making elegant connections brings them a clarity for defining problems so that they can go right to the core of a problem, situation, or a concept. They are logically coherent, even if the outside world views them as random and chaotic. Their conceptualization and design work often involves crossing the arbitrary boundaries of thought and disciplines to spark the imagination so that they can see the patterns. Reflecting on the very process of thinking allows them to produce a design to solve both social and technical problems. They are also able to connect people to new ideas, information, and other people, which is a unique talent given their preference for solitude. The best relationships, for them, are made through sharing knowledge, even though they often detach from those very people to analyze a situation or problem before re-engaging those relationships. By default of this tendency, they are often viewed incorrectly as uncaring. They struggle with the physical world and have difficulty deciding what to wear and maintaining a healthy body. In addition, it is difficult for them to find the right words to accurately say what they are thinking.

Strategist Mobilizer: These individuals are leaders who maximize results by enhancing the talents of those that they lead and making them better people. Accomplishing and strategically coordinating complex projects while forging partnerships along the way provides these individuals with great joy. By assembling all available resources, from people to financial backing to institutional help, they are able to achieve whatever they have envisioned. They get energized through mentoring and empowering people, rather than just directing the actions of those they work with to allow for better efficiency in the long-run. Their thinking is best described as integrative and analytical, which results in the ability to integrate the insights they have gained from intuitive exploration into a coordinated plan that sequences events effectively. When dealing with others interpersonally, they are able to balance harmony and conflict while distinguishing between worthy disruptions and unimportant ones. Others, at times, view them as abrupt and overly critical, which can cause them to miss out on the depth of their caring. The Strategist Mobilizer displays kindness and affection by doing things for the people that they care about and consistently pursuing goals and advice based on strategic thinking. They struggle with the sense that they’ll never be able to totally manage their time and resources properly, causing them to feel inadequate and overwhelmed. Yet, they rarely miss a deadline.

Explorer Inventor: Per the name, these individuals consider life’s purpose to be about inventing things and discovering new ways of conceptualizing challenges. They are not necessarily trying to fix the problems, just find ingenious solutions to them. Seeing the world through multiple lenses or perspectives is another of their character traits. Their creative process is usually way beyond the current norm, but they always trust their instincts regarding how to be efficient. Launching projects is something they are particularly good at, as is their ability to be diplomatic when dealing with others. Their interest in being original is not a selfish or egoistic one, but is for the betterment of everyone they come in contact with. When they can bring people together and make them at ease by sparking interesting conversations, while also engaging the give and take of drama and debate. They think in an abstract and random way that does not rely on the gathering of data to ensure that they are right. When conceptualizing and hypothesizing potentialities, they do not always relate the facts at hand. Yet, relevancy is something they often achieve. Thus, until the end of their life, they will strive to learn in both formal and informal settings.


About Shawn Athanasios

A little bit about me. I received my BA from California State University, Northridge in Speech Communication and my MA in Culture and Communication from New York University (NYU). My Master’s degree was within the field of Interpersonal Communication and Conflict Management and my thesis topic was Meta-Cognition and Human Defensiveness. I wrote about the importance of individuals learning how to understand their defensiveness and negative thinking habits as a way to improve the overall cohesiveness within their human relationships. Curerently, I am an Adjunct Professor at SAE Institute, and my pasrt teaching experience includes several of the top Universities in the U.S. (NYU, LIM College, Pace University, Manhattan College & Georgia State University). My teaching experience includes the following courses: Interviewing Strategies, Intro to Human Communication and Culture, Interpersonal Communication, Small Group Communication, Principals and Theories of Communication, Public Speaking and Theories of Speech Communication I decided to create my own Coaching Business (JAAS Coaching) under the umbrella of Personal and Career Development for those looking to enhance their current profession, change careers, discover their deepest passions, communicate and manage conflict more effectively, achieve high levels of motivation, and find balance with their total self by offering a holistic approach to career and personal development. My eBook, "The Soul Search Before the Job Search," encompasses all of my work as a Personal and Executive Coach. My website/blog is www.JAAScoaching.comLinks to an external site. I have had many fulfilling experiences that include being raised in Laos, Ghana, India & Egypt by parents of the U.S. Foreign Service and Diplomatic community, teaching ESL in South Korea, serving as a Primary Counselor for kids out of Juvenile Hall, and mentoring grade school children through a Psychologist’s referred program. In addition, I am proud to have received a full scholarship for my Masters Degree at NYU, to have been the sole recipient of the Rosenberg scholarship and for graduating Magna Cum Laude upon completion of my graduate degree. I also presented two papers at the New York Speech Communication Association (NYSCA) conference while at Graduate School where I discussed the importance of taking full ownership of one’s shortcomings as essential to inducing change within oneself and one’s environment and how to be an effective interpersonal communicator. And finally, I was voted Faculty of The Year and Georgia State University after just one semester on the job! The article can be found on my website/blog. My volunteer work is reflected through participating in Buddhist Activities as a member of the Soka Gakkai International, the largest Buddhist lay organization in the world. Previously, I was the Young Men’s Division Leader for Houston District, I transcribed the World Tribune to audiotapes for the blind Buddhist members, I published an article in the Soka Gakkai’s Living Buddhism magazine and was a volunteer staff writer for the organization’s newspaper (The World Tribune). I continues to lead group discussions on Nichiren Buddhist Theory.
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